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Payton Scroggins
Psychic Medium, Podcaster & Spiritual Guide

Since childhood I had a connection towards many things in the spiritual world as well as an awareness of my psychic intuition. I've seen “ghosts," had visitations from loved ones in spirit, experienced various prophetic dreams and I’ve even had experiences with some divine beings.  

It wasn't until later in life that I began to try to understand it all and accept what it was that was happening. I’ve reached a point now that I’ve finally surrendered to this part of me and allowed it to strengthen and shine.
 I believe it is now my purpose to use these gifts to help bring spiritual guidance, emotional healing, and education to others.

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Oracle Card Reading

The intention behind an Oracle Card Reading is to connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors or your Higher Self to bring through guidance on what it is you need to understand about a specific area in your life. This awareness can be a great tool in helping us with decision making, deeper self exploration and spiritual growth.


The intention behind a Mediumship reading is to use my abilities to bring forward validating information and messaging from your loved ones on the other side. In this session I will explain to you the process, how it works and what you can expect to receive. These can be truly beautiful and healing sessions.

Disclaimer: My readings are not intended to tell you what to do when it comes to a decision you need to make. Only to assist you in better understanding the situation at hand.  Also, I am not a medical intuitive.  I will never diagnose anything. If you have a medical concern please contact your physician. Spiritual readings and healings can be an amazing tool on the path of self healing but do not replace the need of a licensed therapist for mental health needs. 

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Join my colleague Shayla and I as we discuss all things in the world of spirituality on our new podcast Souly.

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Are you looking for some guidance as you begin to discover your spiritual gifts?

My mentorship sessions are focused on newly aware spiritual people. I will provide you with guidance as you unfold your personal spiritual journey and help you make sense of it all. This could be used to strengthen aspects of psychic development, mediumship or using divination tools such as cards. As I am very drawn to working with divine beings I can also guide you on how to connect and channel guidance from them. For pricing and availablity follow the link below.

(Please note: All virtual sessions are booked through Spirit School and pricing will be shown in Canadian dollars*)

For those of you located in or near Des Moines, Iowa and would like in-person sessions please email

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(Please note: All virtual sessions are booked through Spirit School and pricing will be shown in Canadian dollars*)

For those located in, around or visiting Des Moines, Iowa USA

For questions or comments please e-mail:





"I have always believed in a higher power and that there are people who are blessed to connect us with those who have passed on.  My experience with Payton and my reading was nothing short of amazing. There was something I needed to hear from a loved one, who had passed, that would bring me peace and he brought that message and so much more. The signs and messages he was able to bring through to me from my loved ones were so special. I will be forever grateful."



"Payton and I have known each other for a while through his hair salon business and have become friends over the years.  I wasn't sure what to expect and had no expectations on the reading but simply wanted to try something new.  I am not a skeptic when it comes to readings/mediumship but also not a for sure believer as I have always been pretty neutral on the subject and open to either possibility that maybe it's real maybe it isn't. Payton pointed out details that he couldn't have possibly known about me and connected with someone from my childhood that I have never spoke about. This threw me a little off guard and it became clear to me he has some type of ability and connecting to some other world.  I felt comfortable throughout the process and feel a little more connected to myself after.  I highly recommend trying even if it's something you never sought out before."

"Payton has been my hair stylist turned friend for many years. I was so excited when he told me about his ability to do spiritual readings! This was new to me so I didn't know what to expect but trusted him 100%. I left feeling like it was a mix of a therapy session and a hopeful view of the future. I'm listening to the signs and focusing on what will make me happiest based on the messages he put in front of me."



"After experiencing some recent trauma and significant change in my life, I am taking the opportunity to seek out new ways to heal, recover and move forward to a better version of me.  As a part of this journey, I met with Payton for both a card and mediumship reading.  The overall experience was amazing and exactly what I needed at this point in my life.  Payton's strong intuition was clearly at work during our session.  The card reading helped me acknowledge my strengths and areas where trauma has settled that I need to address.  With loss of several loved ones, I was hoping that they would appear for Payton - and they sure did and in very specific ways that made it clear it was them.  The emotion and vividness of the communication that Payton shared was overwhelming - in a very positive and healing way.  I am already recommending Payton to everyone I talk to!! 5 out of 5 stars!"


My experience with Payton was very eye opening. His reading brought a lot of new perspectives to the current issues I was facing. It was such an amazing and calming experience as I witnessed him gather helpful information about my life. It actually helped me feel more grounded with myself and my situation. Payton also connected with many loved ones of mine who had passed. The details he gave were nothing he could have known previously or have found out before hand. He connected me with grandparents, great-grandparents and cousins. It was touching and something I'll always cherish. I highly recommend Payton even if this is something you're skeptical about. 

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